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“Helsinki” Room

Common room – finnish conciseness and comfort

Finland frosty condescension, severe, but incredibly attractive, will surround you in the room, named after the capital of this country. Compact and cozy room in modern Finnish style is extremely attractive for those, who like to stay in common rooms.

f.800 R

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“Provence” Room

Family room – rural France in miniature

French Provence charisma will fascinate you in this room. Incomparable coziness of this light, tender and exceptional room will help you to enjoy your rest in full measure.

f.2 000 R

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“Tokyo” Room

Double room in minimalistic style

Each line of Tokyo room is full of peace and restraint. This room for couple is equipped with shower, fridge, TV and AC. Light and cozy tones of Japanese minimalism prevails in this room.

f.2 200 R

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“London” Room

Suite – dorm room and study room, never fading classic

Always upscale and attractive English classic will be waiting for you in London suite. This is substantive and comfort suite, performed in classical style.

f.2 400 R

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“Stockholm” Room

Common a dormitory room in Swedish eco-style

For all Scandinavian style fans it would be unable to resist and not to move to Stockholm room. Commodious and classy room, equipped with vanity unit, AC, TV, fridge, individual lockers, working desks and hair dryer, -this all welcome guests with true warmth and comfort of modern Sweden.

f.800 R

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“Mexico” Room

Family room in colorful mexican style

If you want to brighten up your stay in Kaliningrad, get into the world of vivid impressions, choosing room Mexico! You’ll enjoy spicy and sizzling taste of Mexico in every detail in this room.

f.2 300 R

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“Manhattan” Room

Family Room with kitchenette

New York fascination in Manhattan room would steal a way to heart of that people, who got used to be in step with the time. This modern comfortable room perfectly fits for family or big company of friends. The room capacity – 6 people.

f.2 500 R

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